Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Turn up for the books!!!!!!!!!!!

Well they came, they saw, and they conquered. The visit of John Hibbard and Ben Proffitt provided Channel Island sailors with an insite into the level required for the PWA and they in turn were provided with a mixture of everything that Guernsey could offer in the month of May with flat water slalom, cross-shore reef breaks and on-shore beach break - not bad for early summer.
But to top it all was the outsatnding effort made by 9 Jersey guys who braved rough seas to make it over on the Monday. They came over in a work boat and the evidence of how rough the seas were was all over their clothing!! They too enjoyed the look and learn session offered by the pros and they, like us, will take with them some top tips.
A bit thank you has to go to the Jsy guys and Ben and John (and www.condorferries.com for providing their tickets) for the efforts made and not forgetting the big numbers of Gsy sailors who also turned up - at one point we counted 32 sailors out on the water - which is I'm sure the biggest fleet ever at Vazon! Furthermore we must not forget to thank Stu & Sue Martel for picking up the Jsy guys and dropping them off. Without their help and one massive van the Jsy guys would have spent alot less time on the water!!
Hopefully we can build on this success at the Channel Island Champs in Jsy in mid-September. Keep your eyes open for Boards in the near future and watch this space for further details of up and coming events.


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