Monday, July 23, 2007

The Week that was: Gran Canaria Trip 2007

What a week!!!! Phil Warry and I have just come back from a week in Gran Canaria that was pretty full on. 30degs, F6-8 each day and upto mast high on the biggest days. The pros have taken it up a level from last year and we regularly saw 40-50ft backies and forwards from the likes of Marcos Perez, Regis Bouron, Kaulie Seadi and Victor Fernandez to name a few!! Within an hour of touching down we met Regis Bouron (the top French pro who came to Gsy back in May - see my post) who just happened to be in the same bar just as we walked in on the first evening! We sailed regularly at Vargas, and one day at Pozo. Over the last couple of days we counted about 10 broken masts in the heavy surf!!

I'll do a round up of our trip over the next few weeks meanwhile here are a couple of pics.

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