Sunday, March 09, 2008


We had the club AGM last week. I think that there is a general turnaround in the sport thanks to the enthusiasm of the people who are committed to the sport and the support of the Guernsey Sailing Trust (GST). If you didn't get the minutes and would like a copy please e-mail me for them.

Generally the committee remains unchanged with the exception of Tim Laine who will no longer be the club secretary. After 20 years (yes twenty!!) as secretary he has handed the reins to Bob Perkins. Thank you Tim for your support over the years.

As for events planned we will set dates in the near future; but the main one to pencil in is the 3rd May which will be an open day with the GST in the morning, followed by a blast from the past with Simon Lovell (details to follow).

There is talk of a few of us going to Jersey next Friday depending on the wind, if it looks good the ferry is on the Fri evening and come back on the Saturday evening.

On a final note during the course of the year Stu Martel will be planning some GPS speed days. The idea of the speed league didn't really take off but there was support for speed days when everyone posts their best speed on the day on a white board. The first one of these should happen soon - we'll keep you posted.

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