Monday, March 31, 2008

Quality clean waves this weekend just gone.

Cut back - by me - after all it is my website!

Bottom Turn by me - after all it is my website
Aerial by Oly - after all he was ripping!

Just a sample of the waveriding this weekend - small but clean waves. As usual Oly was the standout sailor of the day. Thanks to Hutch for the pics - he'll soon be backout there; but will his fear of future injury hold him back??


ripper said...

No it won't!
He'll be back faster, stronger and better... Watch out Kauli!

Btw. Did you get my permission to publish those shots on yr site you cretin?

Wind obsessor said...

Well ripper (or should I say breaker) let's just see! Sorry about not asking for your permission; if you like I could pay you, or would you just prefer some free windsufing lessons!