Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Guernsey goes International!

Seems like more and more people are beginning to realise how good the sailing is here! This month 'Wind' has published a 6pg write up on Guernsey written by Regis Bouron et Herve Guillerman - the French pros who visited last month. I've translated a section just to make everyone feel good:


Of the 60,000 people on the island we counted a few dozen windsurfers. That s to say that there is never a crowded when sharing the two wave sailing spots of Vazon and L'Ancress. About a dozen freeride bays can be found, the majority of them only sailable at high tide because of the rocks.
We never had more than three other sailors on the water even though the conditions were great if not a little cold. But the level of the locals astounded us. Mainly port tack specialists like the majority of windsurfers in Normandy they launch in to all sorts of perfect rotations. The photos shown to us in the carpark at L'ancress demonstrated their preference to port tack. Aerials and powerful bottom turns made us wish we'd waited for the next depression. Such a good level of sailing can be explained by the frequency of sessions as well as the proximity of the spots. To see the metamorphosis from suit to wetsuit here is normal. Five kms separate St.Peter Port from Vazon bay and the lunch break often becomes the sporting break when the wind blows. The central position in the channel gives incredible wind stats; it was calm when we left St.Malo but 20knts swept through the north of the island when we arrived. But the frequency of wind doesn't explain all. The high standard of living means the locals get to travel, often. Matthieu explained to us that he goes to Gran Canaria each year and Ollie told of his annual pilgrimage to Hawaii - perhaps another reason for the high standards.'

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