Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Tale of Two Sails

Well my appeal for a longboard was pretty successful. I was given a very old Mistral from Matt Mason (cheers Matt). Mind you she wad as bit green!!

Nothing that a bit of domestos couldn't sort!!

Just to prove that it is really old - the label says it was made in Germany - West Germany that is.

A few metal studs, a drill, and few bolts saw her ready to hit the water for the first time in many years. The only difference this time was there were two sails - the tandem was born!!

With Dan Harradine on the main, a 6.3 Hotsails Superfreak and yours truly on the 5.8 foresail the first run went well, but the turning around - well let's just say that we'll need plenty of practice. But it didn't take long to get her up to speed.

We managed as few good runs, but it has to be admitted that towards the end we were spending more time in the water than on it. The Dacron sails were pretty much essential as there were plenty of wipe outs. We managed to get her up to 13.3knots, but you really need a light person on the front - alternatively I might move the bases a bit further back. Not too sure if I'll be up for sailing her to Herm next weekend though!

A couple more pics:

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