Sunday, January 04, 2009

(Not so) Happy New Year!

Cold and windless - it has to be said that it's been a very very long time without wind and there are plenty of frustrated sailors around.

I've just come back from a week in Dahab, at least it was sunny and warm but even there it wasn't super windy - enough for big kit every day and a couple of 6.5 days.

Seems like my Hotsails Superfreaks with the Guernsey flag are popular - I can't read a word of Taiwanese but it seems they like our flag!! Here's the link and here's a pic - seems like the conditions are pretty much like here:

Also just to remind us what it can be like in Guernsey here are a few pics from last season:


Tony Fish said...

Hello Matt,

I am so glade to receive your email today and know that you are the designer of my sail !

I hope one day I'll have chance to go visit your country and windsurfing !

If you and your friends even come to Taiwan. Please contact me !

I also write something on my blog and with some of my broken English.....I hope you can understnad it ~

Tony Fish said...

I had a 4.7 Super Freak which I always wonder is that design means some national flag of some countries ? Cause it gives me that kind of feeling.

When I rig up this sail. Just by look at it. I feel it's like a flag which a warrior carry into a battlefield. And yes, the ocean is my battefield. But I'm not trying to fight with the mather nature. I'm trying to rise up my flag and learn to blend with the ocean and everytime I have learn something from there.

Today, I receive a email from a windsurfer who lives in the Island of Guernsey. I was so surprised because the guy who contact with me is the designer of my " FLAG ". The flag I rise up in the ocean, on the wave, in the air all the time !

Life is full of surprise , isn't it !!!