Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Big O in his first speed event for years

Guernsey's own speed merchant and sponsored Hotsails Maui/Starboard sailor Martyn Ogier is taking part in his first speed event for years - the French Speed Championships.

He's holding his own and is currently ranked 26th out of 56 (based on average run speed) but also his top speed of 31.8knts places him just outside the top 20 - interestingly an extra 1.5knts would have put Martyn in the top 10. It's not bad considering he's only used his boards and Hotsails GPS speed sails twice. There's a live event ticker on and the results can be seen here:

I hate to post without a pic so the pics are of the man leading the event Cyril Moussilmani (vMax 34.98knts) and the only pic of Martyn that I have!!

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