Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's all in the numbers!!

Well it’s official – the Guernsey metoffice have confirmed that February was the calmest February for more than 10years! In fact 9 of the last 14 months have been below the 30 year average – with Feb 09 being a massive 3.9knts below the average; and the months that were above the average were only about 0.5knts above the average! In fact, at a mere 9.7knts Feb 09 was the same average wind speed as the 30 yr August average. The only consolation is that the July, August and September 08 were all above the 30yr average.

But just in case you thought it was all doom and gloom the 30yr average wind speed in Guernsey is 12.1knts – that’s the average wind strength day in day out 365 days a year and as we all know 12.1knts is plenty enough. By way of comparison many parts of coastal Europe don’t even break the 10knt mark – and trade wind areas such the Canaries and Hawaii only average about 1knts more than us. We are blessed with wind (not forgetting of course it's only 10mins to the beach) !!!!!!!

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