Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The view from the Afternoon.

Well well well! And I don't mean three holes in the ground, I've been in Tenerife for three days now and it's three out of three (of sorts). The wind is not the nuking winds of Gran Canaria (yet) and the swell is not sphincter twitching stuff but it's all very very civilised. The windsurfing happens in three main areas, the west (downwind) area of the main beach, the harbour wall and El Cabezo. I'm hiring kit from the Official Test Centre and it has to be said that it's very easy and accessible. A 200m stole from my hotel from the centre of El Medano down along the café lined board walk is where you'll find the OTC and there you can try out pretty much any kit. To date I have sailed, an RRD freestyle wave, Mistral Twinser, Starboard Kode, JP RWW, Fanatic Freewave, and an F2 Rebel. Sails I've used have ranged from North Natural, Simmer Icon (my favourite so far cos it's just like my Hots), Severn Blade, North Ego (bit disappointing) and Pryde Alpha (reliable). You can chop and change you're kit as you wish and hopefully tomorrow with the forecast the way it is I hope to really get on with some small wave boards. The view from the Hotel terrace is great (see pic) and my only disappointment (I'm using the term very lightly) is that the swell is not really here so to speak of (maybe head high) and the wind is just a notch or two down from Gran Can. The flipside is of course that you can sail for 4-6hrs a day with say a 5.3 and an 80l and it's all pretty relaxing, none of that bump and grind of 3.7 weather in Pozo! Anyway the pics above are my hotel and the view from the room!


Philski said...

Nuking in pozo 2 day your on the wrong island

Wind obsessor said...

I think not Philski - I've just come in after a full day on the water with a 75l and 4.7 and now am having a beer and checking out the chicas on the beach - whilst at the same time keeping an eye on the action about 150m away upwind. Gran Can is the wrong island!!