Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Thanks Bill

Hurricane season is in full swing now and the remnants of Bill pushed through last week. I was on holiday in France last week (where we're going for Hutchy's stag do in a few weeks) and the Atlantic facing beaches were being pounded by a good 10ft+ swell on the biggest day. I managed a cheeky 4.7 session at La Palue where it was cross on and nudging mast high in the sets. The wave was a little disjointed and sectional but a few rides were had as were a few jumps. The jump of the day that I saw was a massive backie from a fellow Hotsails sailor that must have been a good 25ft+ up! Once again I took a few pics - I particularly like the one which is distorted!

Also managed a good pic of sailor of the day - he looks pretty radical if you ask me!!


George Markopoulos said...

thats so cool. I scored Bill on this side of the Atlantic, and then you guys picked up the other end! see my blog for pic from this side.

Wind obsessor said...

Hi George, yes we watch the hurricane patterns as sometimes they can still have lots of grunt in them by the time they get here - it's just luck of the draw if they hit us (or not depending on your point of view)!! Good pics on your site - that shore break looks pretty heavy - and of course not wetsuit!! Next time there's a big one on your side be sure to let us know.