Saturday, September 12, 2009

Times they are a changing

The weather's on the change and the autumn winds are begininng to set in. At the beginning of last week I was pottering around the fishing boats ar L'Eree with the family on the beach but by the end of the week I'd had five sessions in as many days on my wave kit mostly with the 4,7 and the 75l. Then a few days off this week and the wind's now switched to a Ne'er and we've had a few Pembroke sessions - great if you like starboard, not so great if you don't, but I still mananged to spank a couple of starboard tack puppies so I'm pretty pleased with myself for that considering we only get to sail starboard about 5 times a year!! Anyway here's a pic from last week - the hazy days of summer seem but a distant memory!!

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