Sunday, October 04, 2009

Feast then famine

As sure as eggs are eggs the epic start to September ground to an instant halt mid way through the month. As reported on the 12 September the NE'ers were settling in and I had in total 17 sessions in less than three weeks - then nothing. But the only upside was that at least the weather was good. I went for a longboard jaunt around Herm with simon Lovell on massive spring tide right througth the river as it following full force on the ebb and then up against the wind and tide through the Percee passage which look about half an hour just to get through it - more about that later. As well as the nice weather the fishing has been good too.

Yesterday at last we had a wavesailing session after about 2 1/2 weeks off - Vazon was insanely crowded with surfers, swimmers, kayaks and even jet skis- but you can't blame everyone as it was the first swell for ages. Things worked out well with the surfers staying up wind - for those of you new to sailing at Vaz please keep out of the surfers as if you're sitting in the water and someone goes charging past you at 25knts it's pretty scary - even if though we know there's no real risk. Phil Warry was the sailor the day with some huge airs and Oly was nailing some nice pushies on 2010 Prydes. I sailed badly - but let's not dwell on that!! And whilst we were having fun the pros in Sylt were having it tough - bang on and nukin. Check out the PWA site for the video footage. Oh and before I forget Angulo is now the 2009 Wavesailing Champ!

On a final note Hutchy's stage/surf trip to France is all booked up - we're going to the tip of NW France.

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