Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A few pics from last week!

It was walling up nicely on Thursday.

Nice little aerial on the the inside.

Getting in the thick of it!!

Nice aerial from Hutchy

Glassy cross-off and sunny - what more do you need????

There were some grunters pushing through on the reef and a nice period between the waves on the Sunday.

Carter - scaring the birds off!

Nice backie from Hutch the backloop king.

The master teaches whilst the students watch!!


Anonymous said...

these pics are awesome...great blog too..!!

Anonymous said...
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Wind obsessor said...

Thanks Robin, the conditions have been great here.

PeconicPuffin said...

Those waves look especially sweet!

Wind obsessor said...

Thanks PeconicPuffin - as you say nice waves; we probably get it like that 5-10 times in a good season otherwise it tends to be cross shore but less organised. One the best cross shore days it will hold up to mast high in the sets before it gets too messy - but we do have a reef break that that can be a real bomb!! BTW like your site you keep it well up to date - the last time I saw Long Island was from the window of a plane - it was cross shore perfection!!