Friday, November 06, 2009

Who turned on the wind machine???

Well it's been non-stop for the last couple of weeks, nothing huge but enough to keep the boys happy!! Last Sunday was a good day, not because it was epic or because it was super windy but just because it was - for want of a better term - nice! There were about 15 guys in and cos we were sailing at t'others there was no hassle with the surfers. Gnarly suck reef bared it's teeth a couple of times with a couple of 4-6ft'ers but generally there was an easy 2-4ft swell and the odd heavy suck up on the beach for a bit of aerial fun. Moves of the day were- well where do I start, Phil W's rocket air (something to do with his impending ear op and making the most of his last session on the water for 2 months), Hutchy's perfect 360 on his first wave, Jason's nice off the tops, or maybe my oh so close backie ofter backie. Anyway the pics above are - mainly Phil W - after all he'll be out of action for a few weeks and a pics of my thruster Carbon Art bought out of retirement just because it's fashionable and a Stu Martel heading out.

Oh and before I forget we've had 6 days on the trot of wind and the 3.7 has even seen some action this week and just in case you think it's all talk I've posted the proof from Windguru that Guernsey was the windiest spot in the world (BTW has anyone ever seen Jsy at the top of this list??) - click to enlarge.

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