Sunday, February 14, 2010

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Top Ten Reasons For Women To Date A Windsurfer (Valentines Day encore post)

Ladies, are you still searching for that special someone? Consider looking amongst the windsurfers:
10. The ratio of men to women is 4 to 1.
9. They can talk about something besides football.
8. They don’t smell too bad because it’s a good bet they’ve gotten wet recently.
7. They have another interest besides sex.
6. You know they’re rich enough to afford windsurfing equipment.
5. You always get the latest weather report, several times a day.
4. They are capable of commitment, at least to their sport.
3. They have no issues about wearing rubber.
2. You always know where they are, at least when it’s windy.
1. Windsurfers are generally fit, tanned, and have cute butts.

Non-windsurfing men should NOT...repeat NOT...pursue windsurfing women, unless they are prepared to immediately throw themselves into the sport. Otherwise such men will be surrounded by angry windsurfing men who all seek the great and rare prize: the girlfriend or wife who windsurfs. To squander such a find on a landlubber is an offense to those of us who sheet in! (There is the opinion held by a small minority that it is a drag to be a man whose significant other probably have to rig for them, they use your equipment etc. but generally speaking the willingness of such wahines to make every vacation a windsurfing vacation, to understand why the garage needs to be packed with tons of expensive wet gear etc. outweighs the rigging/sharing concerns. Discussion of such matters is encouraged.)

(Since running this feature last year, the Romance department at Peconic Puffin HQ has received a number of additional reasons to consider :
11. Ladies, if your man isn't home during the day, you'll know where to find him.
12. He'll be on the water so often won't have time for anybody else besides you.

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