Monday, March 22, 2010

What goes around comes around

This time it's more of the old Carbon Art that had a re-birth last year thanks to the hands of Bob Warry. Inspired by I've decided to play around with the fins on my Carbon Art and ditched the traditional thruster set up with two small (2 inch) thrusters and a 19 inch main fin in favour of three 4.5 inch fins (basically the same set up as on a surfboard). Tri-fin set ups are apparently somewhere in between the directional stability of a single fin and the looseness of a twinser; but from what I can gather that's with the 'traditional' set up (i.e. small thrusters and larger central fin). My set up will be interesting - I suspect that there will be little to push against and when riding it'll be easy to overload and pop out the tail. We shall see - may be this coming Friday.

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