Monday, May 03, 2010

Simon & Jason's first time Herm Trip

Well the strong NE'ers forecast didn't quite materialise but the conditions were perfect for a blast over to Herm island. I've done it quite a few times but both Jason Connolly and Simon Marshall were Herm crossing virgins and today they lost their virginity's!!

As you can see they look pretty pleased with themselves!! The pic was taken right at the NE corner of Herm just by Shell beach. with Guernsey in the background about 4 miles away. For anyone who has been in a boat through the over the overfalls they'll know how rough it can get between the islands. The crossing over was pretty intense as the wind was due north and with a solid F5 with the full flood of the tide running up past Roustel beacon at about 6knts into the wind there were 6ft standing waves with some chunky sections of white water pushing through - not the place to fall in as you'd never catch up to your kit if you got separated!! Once clear of the overfalls we then entered a flat section of water off the north of Herm with the tide in that area running in the opposite direction. But no worries and a few moments later we were on safely on the beach in Herm. A quick photo shoot and we were on our way back. This time I fired up the sports tracker and recorded the route.

The crossing back took about 11 mins including a bit of back and forth with the main crossing over the shipping channel only a few minutes. The top speed I recorded was 25knts, not bad considering the lumps of water moving around!

Here's pic of Simon looking pretty pleased to have survived his first Herm crossing!!

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