Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Time...........

We things continue to be slack at the moment but that's not to say all is quiet. I'm hoping to buy some new boards from a custom board builder in NZ called Carbon Art so I'm selling all of my Naishes to raise some dosh before I place my order. I've got the following for sale - all in excellent condition:

2008 Naish All Terrain 104l (cross over board with 2 fins) great for blasting. Sail range 5.3-7.5 - £550
2008 Naish Global Wave 87l (onshore wave board, quick to plane ideal as lightwind wave board or as first time wave board) - £500
2008 Naish Global Wave 78l - (smaller version of the above, ideal as a main wave board for Guernsey conditions) - £500

I've also got a set of 3 Hotsails Smacks 2008, all in excellent condition, sizes 4.3/5.8/5.3 indestructible and no monofilm. £125 each or £300 the lot.

As a final thing here's the best surf vid ever:

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