Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day Two

As the second day dawned the full reality of the preceding night’s events rang like a church bell during bell ringing practice in my head. However the tolling of the bell was not as bad for me as it was for some of the other guys who I caught up with and then went out with. I’d bailed at 1am, but they were on a mission and ended up in Playa de Las Amercias (aka chavtown) sampling the delights of Spanish hospitality until 6am. As for the sailing fortunately it was a lot more relaxing than the preceding day, albeit that it that the day kicked off with very little wind that then built during the day. I tried a 5.3 Goya and an 80l Carbon Art but that wasn’t enough so I went big and switched to a 5.9 Goya and a Starboard 86l kode. Of course the wind continued to pick and that soon became overpowering, but that said I did have a particular liking for the Goya sail. Anyway I then switched to a 5.5 Severne and a 85l RRD Freestyle Wave. This proved to be perfect (bear in mind I was knackered from the day before), so I sailed up to Cabezo, tried a couple of backies (fell in of course) and spanked a couple of puppies. I must say that on gear like that Cabezo is hard work and the rewards in the way of waves were limited. All in all day two was pretty much what I expected – I was knackered and the conditions were, for want of a better term weak.

That evening beer was fully off the agenda; but that said a when in Rome so I stopped off for a solitary pint at one of the myriad of bars that lines the beachside and enjoyed the view as the sun set before falling asleep at 9pm!!

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