Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's going off in the Canaries......I'm off there too!!

I feel like one of those guys who puts on his CV under interests 'Skiing' - you know the type they put 'Skiing' on their CV but the reality is that they only go sking for one or two weeks each year and they can't think of anything else 'sporting' to put on their CV so they put 'skiing'. I have 'Windsurfing' on my CV but seeing as there has been literally no wind this year (the calmest since 1929!!!!!!!!!!) and I'm off to the Canaries next Saturday I wonder if I am really a 'Windsurfer' or just some bloke who goes windsurfing for one week a year whilst on holiday and then calls himself a 'Windsurfer'??

Anyway the fact remains I'm off to Tenerife next week and it's all booked up and the forecast is looking really good with a couple of 20-30knt days to kick off with and the wind then building up to 30-40knts by the end of the week. It's been going off in the Canaries and in Pozo Fernandez knocked out last year's winner Koester in the PWA comp yesterday - the pic above is what I'll look like by the end of next week:

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Philski said...

"the pic above is what I'll look like by the end of next week"

IN YOUR DREAMS.................