Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tenerife Day Four

This was a day of contrast and change, ultimately leading to some pretty good conditions. I kicked things off with a 5.3m RRD and an 80l Naish Pro wave, neither were any good!! The sail was quite heavy and for want of a better term dull, and the board was like dragging weed (even though there is virtually none here!). I quickly changed boards to an 82l JP real world wave, again this board was, like the RRD sail, dull. People rave about the JPs but from what I’ve experienced over the years the JP thing is a little lacklustre, the board felt slow to get going and then once up running it was bouncy and unresponsive. Of course it’s easy to blame the kit for me not sailing well but I once again swapped over to the Starboard 2010 Quad and dropped down to a 4.7 Severne and once again I found myself managing to get into the right place a reight time and generally sailing better than had been earlier in the day. But this second outing on the Starboard made me realise that the board did have its limitations, particularly when wanting to change the radius of a turn. All in all day tour was pretty full on and again the standard of sailing would put the most radical of local ‘Hotshots’ back in Britain to shame.

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