Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ahh some wind

Well we had a couple of pretty good sessions this week (remember it's August!!) at Perelle; on the Tuesday and the Thursday. The Tuesday was cross on and we were sailing through the Gap between the little island and the reef in a Westerly. It's only in the last year or two that we've started sailing there in a Westerly after we 'discovered' the narrow gap (about 30ft wide) allows us to sail into the inner bay then reach out through the gap and to then jump the wave as it breaks on the reef. Also if the swell is no too big you can then carry on to the big peak and jump off that too. On the Tuesday there we were on 5.3s and 80l boards, there was not much swell but every now and then a nice head high ramp would set up. I saw Hutch land a couple of sweet backies and as usual I was either rotating or not quite getting enough rotation, but at least I had a few forwards to console myself!! On the Thursday it was a dawn patrol. We were rigging by 7.30am; Jas Hutchy and I were in two minds as there was no swell but Hutch finally made the call and we followed again on our 5.3's. As usual the Perelle reef deceived us because as the tide started to drop the swell built and by the end of the session were taking drop on a couple of 6 footers, especially on the big peak. Again Hutch was going for some sweet backies and he had a big one just down wind of me just off the tip of the island. If I'd had my had my head cam on it would have made a great shot with him 25ft up and the island in the background. Anyway I hate to post without a picture so here's a nice one of Hutch.

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