Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feeling the joy!!

Ok so yesterday was one of the busiest afternoons I've ever seen at Vaz as far as windsurfers were concerned. There were probably in the order of 20 guys out during the afternoon (not bad for a week day!) and only a couple of surfers to get in the way. The usual suspects were stand out sailors of the day but it has to be hats of to Dr. Matt and Barny Williams as both of them are now starting to throw themselves over the handle bars - the great thing about doing forwards is once you've learned them there is almost as much pleasure in then talking to others about learning them and then sharing the joy with them as they start spanking the puppies!! Dr Matt had a particularly bad wipe out as he got spat out at the apex, but that's all part of the fun - how he got a black eye is of course beyond me!! As for other moves of the day there were plenty so I'll just list what I saw around me (some not so successful!):
Clew first backies
Forwards on the wave
Table Tops
Wave 360s
Aerial Jibes
Aerials off the lip
Tweaked Aerials of the lip
Lip slides
Floater re-entries
Duck Tacks
Duck Jibes

Let's hope that the conditions deliver this autumn. Oh and BTW the plan is to make a video so over the season we'll be compiling footage and if you can find the time to film/photo everyone please do and send it to me.

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