Sunday, December 26, 2010

All I want for Christmas is............

Wind wind wind all I wanted for Christmas was wind and all I got was a bad back on Christmas morning!!!!!

I put my back out a few weeks ago - it's the 'old war wound' that I sustained about 10 yrs ago moving a cast iron cooker. Every now and then it flares up and usually it gets worse if I haven't been sailing for a few weeks as the sailing helps stretch everything out. Anyway it flared up a week or two ago and I went to the osteopath to reset my bones. That worked fine for a few days but then on Christmas morning it all went horribly wrong and it ceased up solid. I spent a torrid night trying to sleep but kept waking up. So this morning I spent about three hours stretching etc and it would work for about 30minds then it would cease up again. On a scale of pain I'd put it at about 70%. For those of you who read my blog there is a certain Dr windsurfer whom I refer to as Dr Matt. Well Dr Matt is a fan of acupuncture - not my cup of tea, all those needles and stuff doesn't make sense but I was desperate and to be honest I'd always been a little intrigued by the idea. So in my hour of need I phone him up and he offered to stick some needles in me. I pop round to his place and he immediately started sticking needles in me. He approached the problem areas in two ways, firstly the more modern approach which was to focus on the specific areas and deal with the spasms and then to adopt some of the traditional Chinese ways which is to allow the Chi to flow!! Both techniques worked in different ways and the modern approach loosened up the spasms and the traditional technique left me relaxed. The upshot of it was that after the session my pain levels were down to 15% ish but more importantly I felt like I'd turned a corner and with any luck i'll be sailing tomorrow as the forecast is for a 6-8ft swell and 25knts cross off!! Here's a pic and if any of you fancy having needle stuck in you go see Dr Matt Stark it seems to do the trick and I'll go back for more!!

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