Wednesday, December 08, 2010

November Weather Stats just published - it's grim!!

The official weather stats for November were published this morning. Apart from the rare snow event the real killer is that November has followed October as having not only an average wind direction coming from the North as opposed to the more normal South West but that November was the 10th month of this year to have below average wind strength - with only August having an above average wind strength!! It really does seem that the wind patterns have shifted towards a cold northerly direction during the last 12-18months. That said 2-3yrs ago to sail in a northerly was a rare thing so no doubt in time the winds will shift back towards the more normal and warmer south west. The 10 day outlook shows no restbite from the northerly winds and the extended outlooks are all talking of continued northerlies right the way through the winter :-( :-( Anyway why not remind ourselves of how it used to be

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