Friday, January 21, 2011

The good and the bad

Last weekend was memorable for the good conditions but no matter how good the conditions were they were never going be good enough to eclipse the sad news from earlier in the week about our friend Jamie. Hutchy made the call earlier in the week for us to all to get together and have a sail in memory of Jamie and about 15-20 guys turned out, which considering it's the middle of January, was pretty good. The wind on the Satuday was pretty light but a good westerly swell pushed in making it worthwhile. After the session we all got together in the Rocky for a bite to eat and pint or two (just like the the good old days). Tales were told about Jamie and we shared our thoughts. It was the best way that we could remember and enjoy the times that we'd spent with Jamie - just what he would have wanted us to do and probably the best way for his windsurfing buddies to have have some time together before the funeral on Tuesday at 14.30 at the Town Church.

On the Sunday the swell just kicked in sweetly and we scored a dawn patrol session with a much bigger swell pushing in, up to 6ft in the sets. Oly and Hutch as usual led the way with some big aerials as well as Oly going for some backloops off the lip (frontside). I was happy to lay down a bit of rail and score a few aerials.

There are plenty of pics to be seen on Pierre's site of the Saturday: and a few of the Sunday after the dawn patrol crew had packed it in:

Here however are a couple of pics from a few years ago of the man of the moment - and indeed the man to be immortalised in our hearts - our friend and windsurfing buddy Mr Jamie Whalley:

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