Monday, January 03, 2011

Super durable slalom sail

Hotsails Maui have been toying with the idea of a dacron slalom sail as a follow on from their successful Superfreaks (like my 'Guernsey Flag' sails). Unlike the old dacron sails that many of us learnt on modern dacron doesn't become water logged and is much more stable; it's also lighter than monfilm. Of course in addition to that it's super durable (my Superfreaks have done 4 seasons and look like they've got a few more years left in them yet). So Jeff and Tom at Hotsails had the idea to combine the benefits of dacron with the skeleton of a slalom sail (i.e. the battens) to create a superdurable slalom sail. The pics above are just prototypes and they need to work on the window to improve visibility. Another benefit of daron is that as it can be folded they can ship it in much smaller box (with demountable battens like tent poles) which will reduce the end costs - oh and not forgetting you can have it screen printed with whatever you like!!

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