Friday, February 18, 2011

That's just the lemon next to the pie.............

Rigging for the Dawnie - The Early Bird Catches the Worm

There has been some massive swell around this last week or so. Last Sunday it was a proper 6-8ft (over mast on the wave face) and there was a marginal offshore wind. I ventured straight in with my 5.3 Hotsails Smack and my 87l Naish - perfect for a bit of D'n'D (drift and drop). I went in for a good couple of hours although I only caught about a dozen waves there were one of two full on DTL 5-6 bottom turn waves notched up.

The rest of this week saw a continuation of the swell but unfortunately no wind. On Wednesday it was really pumping and in the evening Hutch and I stopped at the Richmond headland to take a look at Le Perron reef break that I'd sailed the weekend before. It was firing in the sets but the sets were few and far between. The reef itself is not far off the headland but we tend to get to it by beating upwind from the beach - but looking at it from the rocky headland there's no reason why we couldn't sail out from there with a little caution. We'll check it out next time it's firing. I took a few pics but without anyone on the wave it's difficult to gauge the size in the picture and of course no sooner did I start to drive off and I looked I looked in the rear view mirror to see a monster set (about double mast high) push through. All we need is a little wind and the outlook is not looking good :-(

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