Tuesday, May 03, 2011

CI Championships Report

How does the phrase in Latin go , something like Veni, Vidi, Vinci - which I believe means I came, I saw, I conquered. Well it was something like that for the Jersey sailors but without the I conquered bit!! Mind you they did do well and did take back the Highland Spring Channel Island Champion trophy for the first individual.

Here's my report that I sent to the Guernsey Press:

Guernsey and Jersey shared the honours in the Channel Island Windsurfing Championships held at Ladies Bay over the weekend. There was some apprehension in the days leading up to weekend as the weather forecast was variable but on the Saturday, the main day of the event, the sun shone and the wind, as forecast, picked up to a moderate F4-5 in the afternoon. It was decided that with lighter winds earlier in the day a couple of rounds of course racing were to be held. Jersey veterans Mike Miller and Steve Melia dominated in the first race leading the 15 strong fleet from start to finish, with Miller first, Melia second and Guernsey’s Stuart Martel following close behind in third. In the second race both Millar and Melia got off to a fantastic start and again looked comfortable at the front of the fleet, however Martel stepped up a gear and in the final leg took the lead to cross over the line about 50m ahead of Millar. With increasing winds it was decided to pause briefly before heading back out for slalom racing. Slalom racing is a much higher speed discipline which relies on stronger winds and is the new racing format that will be used in the Island Games instead of the more traditional course racing format. With the winds now gusting in excess of 20knts the course was set with a Le Mans style start from the beach. Guernsey’s Matt Le Poidevin immediately took the lead to the first mark, followed by fellow Guernsey sailor Chris Carter. Carter took the lead midway through the next leg, however he fell at the next mark leaving the way open for Le Poidevin to take back the lead and retain it through to the finish line ahead of Melia. In the second slalom race Le Poidevin again took the lead however Melia took advantage of a wind shift which saw him take the lead and cross over a race winner with Guernsey sailor Jason Connolly in second and Le Poidevin in third. Melia’s win in the forth race meant that he took the honour of becoming Channel Islands Champion and Martel’s fifth places in the two slalom races saw him take second in the individual event. For the team event Guernsey retained the honours.

Individual Results:
1. Steve Melia (Jersey)
2. Stuart Martel (Guernsey)
3. Mike Millar (Jersey)
4= Matt Le Poidevin (Guernsey)
4= Jason Connolly (Guernsey)
6= Simon Gregory (Guernsey)
6= Justin Horton (Jersey)
8. Jo Robinson (Guernsey)
9. Chris Carter (Guernsey)
10. Pierre Le Page (Guernsey)

Team Result:
1. Guernsey
2. Jersey

Course Racing:
1. Jersey
2. Guernsey

1. Guernsey
2. Jersey

Here are a few pics (Stu has some video which I hope to post soon):

Slalom Sailors waiting at Les Amerreurs for the start of the next race

Stu Martel - Guernsey's finest!!

What happened to my head!!

I like this one - start of course race number 2

If of ocourse the Jersey boys has stayed one they'd have had the chance to take us on at some wavesailing too - and we all know what happeded last time they tried that!! There are a few pics on Les Perrey's web site http://www.e-motion.me.uk/ here's a screen shot:

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