Friday, July 08, 2011

Island Games Update coming soon.....

I'll post soon about the Island Games but in the meantime did you see this:

As most of you know Richard Klein has in many ways been the saviour of our sport here in Guernsey by teaching kids to windsurf over the last few years. His efforts are paying off with more and more people out on the water - even today at 6.30am there were 4 people out at Vaz who are all pretty new to the sport.

Rich and, to a lesser extent, myself have been trying to raise money for the Guernsey Sailing Trust and the great news is that the Set Sail Trust have donated £2,800 to the windsurfing project. This is great news for our sport and will go a long way to helping those who don't know how great the sport is learn about what they've been missing out on. Many thanks to the Set Sail Trust for their support.

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