Monday, January 02, 2012

A Very Happy New Year!!!

The New Year has been super windy and is pretty much a follow on from the end of last year. Between Christmas and the New Year we had a few days and I had an outing on my new 4.2, not a huge amount of swell but there was some good airtime to be had. Here's a vid and there'll be more to follow:

And that 4.2 session was my 119th session of the year and my last for 2011. Coincidently the crapauds (for those who don't live on the islands that means the Jersey) also did a vid on the same day - nicely edited I have to say, which is better, you decide!

After that I picked up some dodgy stomach bug and was laid up for three days, and then after three days of it coming out of both ends what happens - yep you guessed it - it nuked, the swell built, and I was faced with dilemma of either staying at home in bed or try and sweat it out on the water. Jason called me at 12.50 and told me Phil was swimming in having been nailed on gnarly suck ups. So it was pumping, and I was weak from 3 days of not eating ah well it had to be checked out!! As I pulled up at the Vaz car park Phil was still swimming some 20mins later!! Here's his kit after he dragged it up the beach this is what was left:

I went in but took it easy as I decided I'd do some film instead - I didn't want to end up like Phil!! So took it easy I did, Hutchy was ripping with some great backies, 360s, and the like! I did some video but had some technical difficulties too - I'll post it soon. Oh and BTW the forecast is epic.

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