Friday, September 07, 2012

French Trip anyone??????

Ok so I've sent a few texts and am trying to see whose interested in joining Hutchy and me over the weekend of 29/30th Sept on a French trip? The idea is to go to southern Brittany and take part in a fun  SUP/Windsurf event and make a weekend of it. The event started off a few years ago as a promotional thing for AHD boards but has now become well established as a fun event in its own right. Here's the link and the event poster :

And if that doesn't tempt you here's a video shot on two spots each within 20km of where we'll be going.

FRED JEZEQUEL BREIZH TRIP 2012 from Stefvidéo on Vimeo.

Give me call ASAP if you're interested - should cost no more than £200 all up.

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