Friday, February 01, 2013

Busy busy

Been pretty busy so far this year so haven't had time to post - but that said I have made time to sail in the last week. It all really kicked off last Sunday when the early birds caught the worm with a cross on 4-6ft jump fest at Vaz. I was all done and dusted by 11.30 having hit the water at 8.30. Then the Monday was pretty epic with a good 6ft cross shore; I was on my 5.0 Firelight but it was waaaay too big in the end and I could hardly hold on. As for Tuesday well lets just say it was the day of day, that's official no debate. It perfect cross shore 5.0 weather and mast high in the sets with a good 15sec period. I've a few pics from the Monday and I'm working on some video. Nothing I'm afraid from the Tuesday as it was getting pretty gnarly and the last thing you want is to compromise your sailing because you're trying to film your mates!

Oh and BTW for those who haven't heard 3xworld champion Kauli Seadi has left Neil Pryde and joined Hotsails and Steve Thorp has left Simmer to join you know who. and

Here are a few pics from the Tuesday:

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