Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fancy some long boarding?

Ever fancied getting into some longboading? Well here's your chance! Bob Perkins dropped me line as he's selling off his kit.

Hi Matt,


I wonder if you would be able to kindly put the following kit for sale on your blog please:-


1. Mistral IMCO complete with 7.4 metre rig (sail, mast, boom, mast extension and harness lines).


New style board with bolt through skeg, with nearly new sail.                               £500  o.t.o.


2. Tushingham 7.2 metre series 5 SRi sail with matching carbon fibre mast


Old sail and mast but little used                                                                         £50 o.t.o.


3. Mistral IMCO (1988) – board only


Old board with old style skeg, but in good condition for age                               £50 o.t.o.


To view telephone Bob Perkins on 254979 (day/evening).







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