Thursday, June 06, 2013

Summer's here!

Well it seems like summer is finally settling in and I've had three sessions this week. Te first was a classic summer session with my boy or 'mon mousse' ( in Guernsey French). We went in on the tandem with my 6.3 Superfreak and him up front with his 2.1 MiniFreak. Setting out from Le Douit Du Moulin moorings we had a drift around the fishing boats and the reefs looking down through the water at the fish and seaweeds in the bay that's also a RAMSAR site. We then headed down to Fort Grey for a potter again around the boats
before heading over to Portelet bay where the mousse met up with some friends and decided to hand out with them rather than hang out with the old man!

I then beat back up to the van, loaded back up and went and picked him up. A quick icecream for him and a beer for me before heading home!

Next day the NE'er was setting in so I broke out the slalom gear for the first time this summer. With the 7.3 GPS Hotsails and my 110l CarbonArt I clocked 32.45knts which I'm happy enough with for starters.

Next up was this evenings session with Jonathan at Vaz. We were on our 6.0s and 90l boards in the flat conditions and it was all getting a little boring until I struck upon the idea of taking he tandem out. Genius it has to be said, after a couple of runs we had it sussed and were fully planning in the straps, but we never did make those gybes! Here's a pic from last year of jas and doubling up!

Last but not least Jonathan tried out my 6.0 Firelight, he was pretty stoked and was impressed by the lightweight feel of the sail. If you want to try one out just ask!

See you on the water!

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