Sunday, September 29, 2013

September has come and gone but autumn is starting to show her colours!

September is always pot luck, some years it can be epic with the sea still warm from the heady days of summer but with westerly swells and winds starting to push in off the Atlantic. But some years it can be, well, still summer, and this year was one of those years. Early September was warm, or dare I say, hot with quite a few beach days. That's tolerable, I love going down the beach with my family for swim and occasional BBQ, but come September I do usually start to get very itchy feet. Sometimes the urge can be fixed by a slalom session and I had quite a few of them this month with some great off shore blasting and mixing it up in the west coast bays.

But autumn is autumn and she has started to show her colours with a few wave sessions last week, nothing epic but a bit of fun smashing it up at Vaz. Les Perry was there taking a few pics and you can see them on his site here: 

Here are a couple of screen grabs, it's worth checking out Les's site as there are loads of windsurfing pics that he's built up over the years.

He's been doing a bit of photoshopping too, inspired by my new blue ion wettie!

Anyway lets hope autumn is epic, the forecast this week is not too shabby and I'm on hols too! Here's a blast from the past just to remind us what's around the corner :-)

PS that's the re-break on the beach this is the proper stuff

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