Sunday, March 23, 2014

What a winter!!

As Ok so it's been way toooo long since posted anything, but my excuse is that I've been too busy sailing and then trying to catch up with other stuff. Not forgetting the storm damage that I've been trying to clear up. We had 10 big trees down 25m/80ft tall pines and I'm still trying to sort that lot out as well as building a new shed.
Today was, how shall I put it, back to reality, the wind was cross onshore and the swell about 4ft, I got to try out my new Hotsails Qu4d (4 batten wave sail). The jumping was fun, I had a few forwards and even nailed a backie , which is always difficult when it's onshore!  Martyn had a selfie set up on his boom, I was trying to photobomb him by sailing close up behind him, it didn't quite work but he had this one

As for other pics from the day of days, or should I put it, one of day of days there are some great ones on Pierre Bisson's website and here are few more from my gopro.

But it's not all been wave after wave after wave, I even broke out the slalom gear in March! Why I hear you ask? Well that's because I got a new custom 8.5 from the guys at Hotsails. It's a Dacron cam less freeride/slalom sail with a huge wind range, apparently people can still hold them down in 30knts! I've only sailed it the once and already love it. The colours are based on the French tricolour, the Jersey saltire and of course the gold cross of Normandy that features on our very own flag :-) oh and it was drawn up by my daughter.

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