Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The diary of a wind obsessed man

I decided to set up this site to act a portal for the GBSA and also to see if I'm more obsessed by windsurfing than your average windsurfer. So I'll be sharing my obsession with the rest of the world to find out if I should be proud or ashamed of my addiction.


Lenny & Meriel said...

You want to get out more

blastfromthepast said...

My God man , what happened to you? I knew you when you were wearing a nappy, harness that is. Whatever happened to Edges and Screamers and Sputnicks and Nauti Fun? Is it to late for a past master to return? Is there an age limit? Will my back hurt? Answers on a post card please. "The flesh is wrinkly but i'm feelin the urge"