Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Guernsey Wave and Slalom Autumn Comp. (If you got here via Google click the top title bar to go to the lastest update).


A better day on t'others at Vaz. Copyright: Pierre Bisson

This weekend's Guernsey Windsurfing Championships were dogged by shifting and unpredicatable winds. The extreame force 9 winds first thing on the Saturday morning put off many of the 30-40 sailors who had expessed an interest, meaning only 12 sailors registered. The plan had been to hold a series of races and then a wave jumping competition, however the strong wind meant that the racing was initially cancelled.

With cruel twist of fate as the fleet prepared their high wind wave jumping equipment the wind started to drop rapidly, and by the time the competition was due to start the winds were already too low for the jumping discipline. A quick show of hands meant that racing was back on the agenda and a course was set.

Ironically by the time racing started the winds would have been ideal for the bulk of the sailors who had been put off by the severe winds earlier in the day. With the shifting winds now down to only a force 4 even racing proved difficult as the saliors found little wind on the inside mark. In the end only two races were held even though the conditions were really too light which meant many sailors failed to complete the course.

The first race was won by Andy Hutchinson and second by Jason Connelly, with Matt Le Poidevin coming third in races one and two. The event was won by Andy Hutchinson, and when taking into account the other slalom races held during the year Matt Le Poidevin walked away with the overall 2006 Guernsey Boardsailing Association Slalom Trophy.

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