Tuesday, March 06, 2007

2006 Prize Giving

THE 2006 annual dinner and prize giving was held at the GYC on the 17th February. Whilst the turn out was disappointing the prize winners were there to receive some well deserved silverware, and GBSA hat and T - Shirts.

For those of you unable to make it the results were:

2006 Speed Champion - Stuart Martel

2006 Slalom Champion - Yours truely Matt Le Poidevin

2006 Course Racing Champion - Tim Laine

2006 Pursuit Racing Champion - Ian Campbell

2006 Wave Champion and Freestyle were not contested; but not through lack of trying!!

2006 OVERALL CHAMPION - SIMON GREGORY. Simon won the trophy by being committed to all disciplines and taking part in almost every event throughout the season. Well done to Simon who not only walked away with the enormous GBSA overall championship cup but with a fine jacket with the GBSA emblazened on the breast pocket.

Also just for Stu I've uploaded a pic of his newest and most favourite cap!!

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