Monday, March 12, 2007


THANKS TO ALL THOSE who attended the AGM on Monday 12th March. The minutes will be produced shortly but for those of you who couldn't make it these are the main points:

Racing: Course and pursuit racing to commence 15/19th April 2006. Contact the newly elected course and racing reps Scud and Ian Campbell

Slalom: Targeting 6 events (probably 6-8 races per event). I'll post more details in the near future.

Wave: New wave rep Phil Warry is planning to hold at least two wave comps during the year. One in the Spring and one in the Autumn. The first one could happen anytime now so keep your eyes on the e-mails and this blog or contact Phil for more details

Speed: Stu Martel is the new speed rep. Stu is going to be the official speed ladder record keeper. So if you want to be on the ladder let Stu know and he'll officially log your speed.

Other News:

The 7-9th May sees the all new 'libjam' of which windsurfing will play a part. John Hibbard and Ben Proffitt have both expressed an interest in coming over to take part in the open Gsy Herm race and the invitational Guernsey- Jersey race. More details to follow.

The Gsy Sailing Trust have been very supportive and taught 60ish people in 2006. They are planning the same for 2007. Their first event for which we are all invited is the 28th April open day and car boot sale at the yacht club - with racing on the model yacht pond - details to follow.

The Environment Dept have been talking to us about windsurfing at Ladies bay and the relocation of the channel. Tim has been and met with them and the Gsy sailing trust. We'll keep you posted,but it looks like the are planning to introduce a volentry code of practice requiring that all windsurfers have third party insurance. Get your eyes onthe press for further info.

That's all for now and keep watching this space.

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