Sunday, May 06, 2007

Latest Update

JOHN HIBBARD & BEN PROFFITT are here, the wind's picking and the swell should be here soon!! The latest forecast is for it to pick this afternoon to a 5-6 and then 6 tomorrow. This means that likely as not we'll do something on the west coast tomorrow from 10am.

Half a dozen Jsy guys have confirmed and we'll need to send some vans to pick them up from StPP as they arrive at about 11am in their own boat.

So pencil in Vazon at 10am(ish) tomorrow and depending on the conditions we could go for some slalom, an expression session or a long distance.

I'm in the process of gnerating some media interest too - so your support would be appreciated.

Keep your eyes on my site for further updates later in the day.

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