Friday, October 24, 2008

Jersey Trip Update

Firstly this is an important post as it is my 100th post on this blog!!

I've had a fair bit of interest already for the Jersey trip and done some research, all up the cost will be around £100 per head depending on number, anyway here's the plan:

  • Depending on numbers we take one or two (or more) vans.
  • Whoever is going needs to meet up with me on THURSDAY evening to give me their kit.
  • We then deliver the van(s) to Condor on Friday evening to go over unaccompanied on the Friday 31st sailing at 17.30 to Jsy. (Cost about £120 per vehicle so the more the merrier as the costs will be split).
  • If anyone wants to go with the vans on the Friday they're welcome but I won't be going till the Saturday
  • We can then fly to Jersey on SATURDAY morning. There are plenty of flights and the cost is about £30-£40.
  • We should be able to pick up the kit by about 9.30/10.00
  • Then sailing all day Saturday (wish wish).
  • Then sort out accommodation with Jersey guys, many of whom have offered to put us up.
  • Then beers on the Saturday night.
  • Sail all day Sunday (wish wish).
  • Check in with the vans on SUNDAY evening at 17.00
  • Back in at home Sunday evening at about 20.00
  • Back to work Monday morning :-(

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