Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jersey Trip Postponed

Here's the e-mail that I sent to the Jersey sailors:

Hi All,
The bad news is that the NE’er forecast means the general consensus is that most people would rather wait for a decent southerly/south westerly.
The good news is that:

I had a lot of positive feedback with 4 confirmed and another 3-4 who were very keen but had other commitments this weekend. So potentially we could have 8 people the next time.
Condor ferries have offered us a discount if we ship the van as cargo. This means it can be shipped on a Friday evening and then we can fly over on the Saturday morning. As the conventional ferry sails whatever the weather it means we can come over on a guaranteed wind forecast – in the past we’ve tried to come over only to find that the wave piercer has been cancelled.
I’ve contacted a couple of French pros who are keen to come over at short notice.
Getting back we can fly on a Sunday and Condor can ship the kit back on the Monday.
The upshot of the above means that we haven’t written off the idea just yet and by investigating the options we’re now keener than ever as there does seem to be some options that might just work. I just need to see if we can tap up Aurigny or Blue Islands for a discount too!!

I’ll keep you posted and thanks for the offers of accommodation.

Anyway the NE'er should deliver this weekend so I'll see you up at Pembroke. Here's a pic of Oly in a NE'er:

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