Sunday, January 18, 2009

Guernsey in the Windguru Top Five

Guernsey has already featured twice on Windguru's Top Spots list this week. Earlier this week we were ranked No.20 in the world, but for the first time this year Guernsey breaks into the top five. We'll have to see how often we hit the top spot this year. The sailing wasn't brill today, especially for Jas who trashed his 4.7, but the swell was big, gnarly but a little too onshore. The forecast is good for the rest of week too. BTW some more pics on the Les Perry site:


George Markopoulos said...

nice blog here pal.

Wind obsessor said...

Cheers, great to get a vote encouragement and even better to know that my blog gets read all over the place

na mi said...

Hola, we wanna let you know that we read your blog too from this part of the world. More power. Hope you can visit us too at