Monday, February 02, 2009

Too Cold, too cold, brrrrrrrr!!!

It's very rare that we find it too cold to go windsurfing in the tropical climes that Guernsey provides!! But yesterday it was time to throw in the towel and miss out on a what looked like a good Pembroke bay session as the temp only got up to about 3deg C. Today we wake up to find a 8" of snow for good measure - the most for 1/4 of a century and the most my kids have ever seen and are ever likely to see here - at least until they are too old to want to build a snowman. Anyway here's a time lapse video of the final 'topping out' of the snowman - what's the windsurfing connection you ask?? Well firstly I used my Gopro camera to take the pics, just set it up in the distance and got on with building the snowman and secondly if you look closely you'll see the two tubes used to lift the head into place are in fact 100% carbon!!

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