Friday, February 06, 2009

Un petit peux de longue distance??

Fancy taking part in part in a little 'longue distance' en France?? The official 2009 French long distance calender has just been released and can be seen here:

The ones of interest are:

21/05/09 - the 'Defi' in the south; 750+ entrants and the biggest windsurfing event in the world.

20/06/09 - Raid des Mégalithes, in Baie de De Quiberon in the south of Brittainy

18/07/09 - 25è Raid la Tranche to l'Ile de Ré - a long distance off the west coast to l'Ile de Ré.

Interestingly the Cleder - l'Ile de Batz is not listed which normally take place in May. Cleder is on the north coast of France about two hrs from St.Malo.

Other dates to note can be seen here - this links to the club in north Brittainy that organises all the events near here including a long distance race starting in Dinard:

If you're interested in taing part let me know and I'll arrange entry for you.

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