Monday, March 28, 2011

I got da cup - now all we need is da wind!!!!!

Well the Jamie Whalley memorial trophy has arrived; the boys all agreed that a big tankard was be the sort of thing that Jamie would have wanted. To put it into perspective the little tankard to the left is a one pinter. So the plan is to get it engraved with some wording and they tell me they can convert a photo of Jamie into a line drawing and add that too so any suggestions for the wording would be well received. As for the trophy itself the idea is to have an annual expression session with the 2011 event taking place this spring - so everyone on standby please!! As for the book I wouldn't mind a few more pics of Jamie so if anyone can find any that would be great.

Talking of standby that little tease known as windguru has been upto her usual tricks of taunting us with wind in the outlook and then failing to deliver on the day - so I won't curse the prospect of wind by saying the outlook is finally looking promising.

Oh and I've done a trial run with the new camera; looks good just got to figure out how to edit the 4gig of clips down to something manageable!

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