Thursday, March 31, 2011

There she blows

At last some wind!! Finally after what has been so far the worst spring on record we had some wind, nothing that would normally merit a post but such a rare thing has lifted me to a level of exuberance that I find little choice other than to put finger to key board!! It all kicked off at the crack of dawn, Ben Creasey and one other were in at first light - I'm guessing 6.15am followed by Dr Stark at 6.45 on his 5.3 Hotsails Smack and then surgeon Marshall at 7am. By the time I'd got down at 8.15 Creasey, an other, and Stark were packed up Marshall was still in and had been joined by Jas. I rigged up my 5.3 and went out on the 80l, it was grey with some rain there was no real swell may be head high in the sets and it was a bit of a crawl to get out but I managed to get a few waves and few jumps. Jas packed it in about 9.15 and true to form it started to pick as he walked up the beach, 10mins later I was the only one left with Marshall fed up of the slog - but the wind kept picking and by the time Marshall was at the top of the beach the wind had filled in so I was planning off the beach, I even managed a couple of aerials and spanked a couple of puppies! 20-30mins later the wind went but I needed to get to work anyway so all good. For the rest of the day the wind was up and down, there was someone in at dinner time and in the evening Marshall went for the double dip and he was joined by the boy Warry and the Lovell father son combo. So all in all a mediocre day but mediocre is better than no-ocre! I hate to post without a pic so here's a random shot of my kit in the back of my van!!

And on the subject of wind here's a pic of my newest t-shirt. Bean-jar it's the meal deal. For those of you who don't know Guernsey you'll probably never of heard of bean jar. well it's a traditional stew that we have here, in effect it is our national dish. It's a combination of carrots, onions, a piece of cheap meat like pigs trotter or shin, and of course beans loads of beans. Add some stock salt, pepper and a few herbs stew it for a day and then eat. The results are fantastic. As I say if you're not from round these parts you won't of heard of bean jar or will you know that it was in fact the humble bean jar that lead to the creation of Heniz baked beans. So the story goes that Mr Heniz had a food processing factory in Canada at the turn of the 20th century and as he toured Canada selling his produce he came across bean jar (loads of people emigrated from Guernsey to the US Canada border during 1850-1900 - every Canadian school kid knows of Issac Brock well he was from little old Guernsey and he would have eaten bean jar for sure eh) and decided to tin it, jar it or whatever it was back then and it proved pretty popular, but as times were hard he dropped the meat and with a plentiful supply of tomatoes they were added which in turn lead to the bean tomato combo that we all know today - so there you go you heard it here! What it's got to do with Coke I have no idea!!

Finally as I reported last time I have a new camera, I've been in loads on the slalom gear in the last month with the 8.5 and made a vid the other day. I'm still figuring out how to best edit it etc. Suggestions welcome but anyway the results are good - here's a screen shot:

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